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Blog Category: Alumni

Taking a Step Back In Order to Advance into the Future

Haroon Ahmad could see the future—and accountants weren’t part of the picture.  After earning his master’s degree in accounting and starting work in the field, Haroon began to wonder how sustainable his chosen career really was. His job in the auditing department of a major accounting firm in San Francisco had him working closely with venture…

Five Skills You Need to Master Today to Launch a Successful App

Steve Tucker

While attending the Georgia Tech Coding Boot Camp, Steve Tucker worked with a team of other learners to develop GhostedBy, an app that allows users to report when a company “ghosts” them by not responding to their follow-ups after an in-person interview. In addition to empowering job seekers, the app is designed to help companies with their online…

Problems Solved: What Josh Dodd Emphasizes as a Coding Boot Camp TA

Josh Dodd

When Josh Dodd and his wife moved from Colorado to Georgia, trading the mountains for oaks and Spanish moss may have posed a challenge, but it didn’t constitute a problem. Certainly not for Josh, who viewed the change of scenery as an opportunity to try something he had always wanted to do: coding. So he enrolled in…