How the Data Analytics Boot Camp Helped George Oddoye Land Two Job Offers in One Week

George Oddoye enjoyed his job as a STEM tutor, but after three years of teaching students, he wanted to start learning again. In college, he majored in biology and developed a sharp scientific mindset. Now, he was ready to transfer his problem-solving skills to the technology industry. 

Landing on data science, George began researching ways to gain the education he was seeking. He came across Georgia Tech Data Science and Analytics Boot Camp and was immediately impressed by the program’s curriculum, which focused on in-demand programming languages like Python and SQL. The school itself was also a huge deciding factor. “I knew Georgia Tech carried a lot of weight in the employer field,” he said.

So, he eagerly enrolled.

Gaining confidence

Each week, the boot camp delivered critical lessons in coding and collaboration — bringing George closer to his ultimate goal of securing a role as a data analyst. 

Four months into the program, George built an online portfolio to supplement job applications, leaning heavily on skills he’d learned in class. “Our instructor taught us HTML and CSS, and showed us how to host a portfolio on GitHub,” said George. “This guidance gave me confidence to build mine.” 

Trilogy’s career director, Christy Rosen, was also pivotal in George’s job search. “She coached me through the interview process, making me comfortable with my opener and self-assured in my story,” said George.

Luckily, his hard work and preparation paid off. “The boot camp made my resume competitive and helped me stand out,” said George. Having mastered his interviewing tactics, he successfully advanced through the recruiting process and received two job offers in one week.

Finding his fit

While weighing his options, George prioritized professional development by asking: Which company offers more potential for growth? 

For him, the answer was Informa — an Atlanta-based information services company. “The job description was more demanding, and it looked like I’d do more coding there,” said George. 

As a lifelong learner, he was up for the challenge and eagerly accepted the data analyst role. At Informa, George collects critical data for clients — a responsibility that quickly became one of his favorites. “Data collection is at the core of the business,” he explained. “Knowing that makes the job even more rewarding.” 

Each week, he works with a variety of programming languages — including Python, SQL, and R. Though George had little prior experience with R, his time in the boot camp taught him how to learn new languages. “My instructor taught us that you don’t need to know every language — you just need to know what the language is doing and how it’s applied,” said George. “At work, I was able to apply the thought process of using Python to using R since they go hand in hand.”

The boot camp’s fast-paced nature also contributed to George’s smooth transition. “I’m never overwhelmed at work, since I’m used to absorbing new information on a regular basis,” he explained. 

And whenever he needs clarification, there’s a wide network of colleagues to lean on — and learn from. “There’s never been a time when I had no one to ask for help,” said George. “Somebody is always there.” 

Paying it forward

After experiencing success himself, George has made a consistent effort to encourage others in their job searches. One way he’s done this is by sharing his portfolio site with a large network of Trilogy boot camp learners. Each week, George enjoys checking the site analytics and counting the dozens of people that gain inspiration from his portfolio. “It feels great to help point them in the right direction,” he said. 

When speaking to job-seekers, George likes to share three tried-and-true tips: “Build an online portfolio. Apply to roles early, before the boot camp is done. And don’t feel defeated.”

This advice has certainly served him well. Looking ahead at his professional future, George feels nothing but excitement. He’s eager to continue learning at Informa — and plans to eventually pursue a master’s degree in computer science. 

“The boot camp opened up a whole new career path for me, and that feels fantastic,” said George. “After graduating from college, I asked myself: What now?” 

Today, he‘s grateful to have finally answered that question.

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