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At Georgia Tech’s Boot Camp, Students Take Coding to the Skies

On the first day of their Georgia Tech Coding Boot Camp, Thomas Yeager, Alexander Gonzalez, and Geoffrey Goodwin walked into class separately. Four months later, they walked in as a team—with a fourth team member, not quite human. Taking it to the next level As part of the intensive web development program, students are required to…

Boot Camp Students Solving Real-World Challenges with Coding Projects

Savannah Morning News Blog Picture Georgia Tech Boot Camps

Every month, Trilogy hosts dozens of community tech events to give bootcamp students the chance to share the incredible projects they’ve created in class. Students get to brush up on their presentation skills, show off their work to local tech professionals, and expand their networks. Last month, reporter Katie Nussbaum from the Savannah Morning News joined Georgia Tech-Savannah’s Coding Boot…

The Mom Advantage: Why Tech Needs Mommies

Valarie Regas Blog Picture Georgia Tech Boot Camps

Think supermoms can’t be super-coders? Think again. As we get ready to celebrate Mother’s Day and all of the inspiring moms across the country, we want to share one boot camp grad’s words (inspired by the formidable FDR) far and wide: “BRAVERY ISN’T THE ABSENCE OF FEAR. IT’S BEING AFRAID AND DOING THE THING ANYWAY.”…

This Air Force Vet Wants to Use His Coding Skills to Solve Social Services Challenges

Student Spotlight Kenneth Barnes Georgia Tech Coding Boot Camp

This piece, written by Muriel Vega, originally appeared on Hypepotamus. After six years in the U.S. Air Force, Kenneth Barnes wanted to come back to his original social work-oriented career path — with a tech twist. Upon realization of how technology could help the family services field from document submission to case management, Barnes decided to enroll in Georgia Tech’s Coding…

Ga. Tech-Savannah Graduates Its First Coding Boot Camp

Georgia Tech Savannah graduation Business in Savannah

The internet is the best, and sometimes only, link to fundamental information and networks, but code is the power to unlock it all. As web design and development move to the forefront in today’s economy, Georgia-Tech Savannah this week graduated its first Coding Boot Camp. The intense six-month program teaches the fundamentals of coding and…

Coding: The Must-Have Job Skill of the Future

Dustin Sparks Business in Savannah

In the Oscar-nominated film “Hidden Figures,” Dorothy Vaughan (played by Octavia Spencer) works at NASA as an unofficial supervisor over a group of “computers” women who performed mathematical calculations long before electronic computers became commercially available. When she learns an IBM 7090 is being installed, she immediately understands the ramifications. She and her co-workers will…

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