Virtual Classroom Experience


Georgia Tech Coding, Data Science and Analytics, Cyber and Network Security, UX/UI, Digital Marketing, and Product Management Boot Camps all give learners a dynamic learning environment that combines informative lectures with individual and collaborative team exercises. By working independently and in groups, you’ll gain multi-faceted experience that simulates professional working conditions.

Engaging homework assignments give learners a chance to utilize what they’ve learned and maximize their mastery of the topics covered in class. By immersing learners in a skills-based curriculum, we provide hands-on learning and insight into a “day in the life” of a full-stack developer, data scientist, cybersecurity professional, UX/UI designer, digital marketer, or product manager.

We provide an intimate class setting with a low instructor to learner ratio. In addition to our talented instructional team, learners have dedicated TAs in the classroom to provide a supportive classroom experience.

An amazing experience, from the pre-work to building my career. I found myself
immersed in an environment that thrives when everyone is learning. There is an awesome support team, and instructional staff that executes the curriculum flawlessly. I found myself being challenged, eager to code, and creating. The 24 weeks will zip by, and this is an application course; learn it, use it, repeat.

-Cashuna, 2017 Coding Boot Camp Grad

Learners do all of their coursework via laptop, eliminating the need for books or additional class materials. Our course structure is broken up into three main groups.


Instructor-led discussions cover the history, usage, and background of a new technology or concept.

Lab Work

You’ll put the material covered in class into action by working on timed in-class exercises and projects.

Hands-On Projects

Class assignments focus on projects, applications, or skills applicable to industry certifications that showcase your abilities across a wide range of technologies.

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