About Jacob Lamont

Jacob Lamont

Jacob Lamont has been working in web development for roughly eight years. It all started when he thought he’d “throw” a website together for his brother’s business. It wasn’t long before he realized that web development was a bit more involved than he first thought. Frustration gave way to a relish of new problems, and a taste for the adventure of finding answers. Much of this shift was due to fantastic mentors who inspired a mindset of constant learning, and an embrace of the “yet-unknowns” faced in every new task.

He has been privileged to work on teams which allowed him to experience all points of the “stack”, and use an array of different technologies. His favorite part of about programming is the constant pursuit of learning and observing the parallels and intersections between his craft and other areas of study.

Jacob now feels as though he’s found his home in the classroom. As fascinating as computers are, people are simply more interesting! The opportunity to come alongside others as they learn and enter the amazing world of web development is an honor for which he is constantly thankful. As any instructor can attest, experiencing the “aha” moments and post-camp success stories are what drive a continual pursuit of excellence.

Fun Facts:

  • He has competed with the Great Highland bagpipes
  • He can draw astoundingly terrible portraits
  • He is really bad at thinking of fun facts