About Musa Siddeeq

Musa is an innovator and change enthusiast. When he’s not coding, he’s mentoring, teaching, investing, and building teams at local Atlanta startups. With more than six proficient programming languages and 10 years of development experience – including roles as an engineering manager, team lead, lead instructor, and senior developer – Musa is a valuable and senior team contributor for startups and enterprises.

Musa learned computer science as a student at Georgia Tech. Through a variety of experiences as a professional and community worker, Musa has built core strengths in technology, strategy, and leadership – demonstrating a passion for people, service, and technology. His hidden hobby is a continuous and informal study of how people and technology spread cultures that either inhibit or promote innovation in education, community development, and business.

Musa finds special pleasure in discovering and supporting dope local businesses and community creatives. You can find him every Sunday morning in his recreational element, hosting pick-up soccer for all ages at Maynard H. Jackson High School in Atlanta, Georgia.